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Asset management:
The real estate crisis in Spain has caused a large number of buildings and a lot of land are now owned by banks and savings banks that were acquired by payment in kind or by allotment in the auction. The will of Punt Arquitectes membership of the Professional Association Awarded Management is to make this volume of assets to be managed as effectively, thus enabling his return to the circuit sooner estate. The valuation of assets and the use of provisions to improve bank balance sheets are obvious issues to resolve, but not unique. The transformation and value of these assets and acquiring new businesses and individuals are also basic for the revitalization of the assets. For this reason we offer the following services: Maintenance and Management, Technical Building Inspection Reports, Project Management, Technical Report Work, work management, economic feasibility study, budget, eco-architecture.

Audit of projects and works:
Checking the status of the project. Analysis of the adequacy of current regulations. Checking the status of the various licenses, construction, environmental, etc. Checking the actual state of the works. Identification of existing lesions. Survey of the current state and development of tender documentation for the work. Development of PPI Incidence Parties, prior to receipt of the work. Tracking the correct execution until final acceptance. Processing of final documentation of work (book building, certificate of occupancy, environmental license, etc..)

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